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William Walton

William Walton Composer

Christopher Columbus, radio music for speakers, soloists, chorus, guitar and orchestra

Performances: 4
Tracks: 35
  • Christopher Columbus, radio music for speakers, soloists, chorus, guitar and orchestra
    Year: 1942
    Genre: Incidental Music
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Part 1
      • 1.Introduction and Chorus: No, it cannot be done
      • 1a.Dialogue: My name is Christopher
      • 1b.You cannot do that alone
      • 1c.Recitation and Chorus: Finding his way by starts and gleams
      • 1d.Now the game is beginning
      • 2.Court Music: Sarabande. Señor Columbus
      • 2a.Marquesa's Song: Down in the Kingdom of Granada
      • 2b.But how can they know?
      • 3.Men's Chorus. No! No! No!
      • 3a.Go and look at the sunset
      • 4a.I haven't seen her for years. 4b.Beatriz's Song: When will he return?
      • 5.May I come up? 5a.Kyrie. You have no right to take a rose from my courtyard
      • 5b.So, my son, you are leaving Spain?
      • 5c.Chorus: Granada has fallen!
      • 5d.Give me a ship, Your Majesty. Fanfare 1. On this day, the thirteenth of April. Fanfare 2
    • Part 2
      • 6a.Introduction: Port Music. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!
      • 6b.Woman's Song: There be three ships
      • 6c.Instrumental Reprise of Beatriz's Song. I heard you were due to sail
      • 6d.Drum
      • 7.Litany of the Saints. Per Dominum. Capstan Shanty: We're bound upon a wild goose quest
      • 8.On three ships they are singing. 8a.Shanty: We've gone away for ever
      • 8b.Sea Music: Friday, August the third
      • 8c.The sailors steered badly
      • 9.Night Music: Where shall wisdom be found?
      • 9a.Listen to me, Señores
      • 10.Speaking Chorus: Gold, Señores, gold
      • 10a.October the eleventh
      • 11.Speaking Chorus: Stand by for the Dawn! Te Deum laudamus
      • 12a.Indian Chorus: Look 'ee yonder. Fanfare. In the name of the Holy Trinity. Reprise
      • 12b.Dialogue: Have you heard the news, Your Grace?. Speaking Chorus: Back from the West
      • 12c.I took three ships
      • 12d.Finale: Glory, glory to God

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