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Sir Arthur Sullivan

Sir Arthur Sullivan Composer

Iolanthe (The Peer and the Peri; operetta)

Performances: 8
Tracks: 78
  • Iolanthe (The Peer and the Peri; operetta)
    Year: 1882
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.Tripping hither, tripping thither
      • 3.Invocation: Iolanthe
      • 4.Good morrow, good mother
      • 5.Fare thee well, attractive stranger
      • 6.Good morrow, good lover
      • 7.Duet: None shall part us
      • 8.Chorus: Loudly let the trumpet bray
      • 9.Entrance of the Lord Chancellor
      • 10.The law is the embodiment
      • 11.Recitative and Song: My well-beloved Lord. Of all the young ladies I know
      • 12a.Recitative: Nay, tempt me not
      • 12b.Ballad: Spurn not the nobly born
      • 13.Lords, it may not be
      • 14.Said I to myself, said I
      • 15.Finale: When darkly looms the day
    • Act 2
      • 1.When all night long a chap remains
      • 2.Strephon's a member of Parliament
      • 3.When Britain really ruled the waves
      • 4.Duet: In vain to us you plead
      • 5.Oh, foolish fay
      • 6.Quartet: Though p'r'aps I may incur your blame
      • 7.Recitative and Song: Love unrequited. When you're lying awake
      • 8.Trio: If you go in you're sure to win
      • 9.Duet: If we're weak enough to tarry
      • 10.Recitative and Ballad: My Lord, a suppliant at your feet. He loves!
      • 11.It may not be
      • 12.Finale: Soon as we may, off and away

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