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Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer Composer

Musicalischer Parnassus, 9 suites for keyboard

Performances: 2
Tracks: 31
  • Musicalischer Parnassus, 9 suites for keyboard
    Genre: Other Keyboard
    Pr. Instrument: Keyboard
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Tastada
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Allemande
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Rigaudon
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Rondeau
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Gavotte
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Gigue
    • Terpsichore (Suite No.7): Menuet I, Menuet II
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Harpeggio
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Allemande
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Menuet I, Menuet II
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Marche
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Combattement
    • Polymnia (Suite No.8): Air des triomphans
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Toccata
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Allemande
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Courante
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Sarabande
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Gavotte
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Gigue
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Rigaudon, Double
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Menuet I, Menuet II
    • Uranie (Suite No.9): Passacaglia
    • Suite Uranie: Toccata
    • Suite Uranie: Allemande
    • Suite Uranie: Courante
    • Suite Uranie: Sarabande
    • Suite Uranie: Gavotte
    • Suite Uranie: Gigue
    • Suite Uranie: Rigaudon
    • Suite Uranie: Menuet 1 and 2
    • Suite Uranie: Passacaglia

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