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Louis-Nicolas Clérambault Composer

Le Triomphe d'Iris Pastorale

Performances: 1
Tracks: 29
Musicology (work in progress):
  • Le Triomphe d'Iris Pastorale
    • overture
    • First Act: Prelude
    • AFirst Act: March
    • Act One: Saraband
    • Act One: Minuet
    • Act One: Air: Silvandre
    • Act One: Trio and chorus
    • Act One: Bourrée
    • Act One: Canaries
    • Act One: [Italian Air]
    • Act One: Daphnis and Silvie
    • Act Two: Prelude
    • Act Two: Philis & Tircis
    • Act Two: Philis/Chorus
    • Act Two: First & Second rigadoon
    • Act Two: Minuet
    • Act Two: A Shepherdess/Chorus
    • Act Two: Loure
    • Act Two: First passepied
    • Act Two: Chaconne to be sung. Rondo
    • Act Three: Prelude
    • ActThree: Silvie and daphnis
    • Act Three: Silvie & Daphnis
    • Act Three: Simphonic agréable
    • Act Three: Prelude whilst Love finishes his descent
    • Act Three: Chorus of Love's retinue, shepherds and shepherdesses
    • Act Three: Saraband for Love's followers
    • Act Three: First passespied for the shepherds and sheperdesses
    • Act Three: Second passepied

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