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Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel Composer

Discussion and Introduction of 'Boléro' (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann

Performances: 1
Tracks: 28
  • Discussion and Introduction of 'Boléro' (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann
    Pr. Instrument: Narrator
    • Introduction; cue to unadorned Bolero rhythm, Part 1
    • Bolero rhythm, Part 2: an extended variation of Part 1
    • Motto rhythm complete
    • But here we have snare drums and plucked violas and cellos
    • Section 1: Introduction of 'the theme'
    • Flute continues with Part 2 of theme
    • Section 2: Complete statement of theme by clarinet as flute joins 'motto' group
    • Introduction of 'discordant' harp into the unfolding picture
    • Section 3: Bassoon introduces closely related variant of theme
    • ...but then veers upwards, slowing rhythm and introducing new syncopation
    • Section 4: 'Petite' E flat clarinet takes over theme, including variants
    • Section 5: Oboe d'amore takes over theme but returns to its original form
    • Section 6: Theme now shared by two instruments: muted trumpet and flute
    • Section 7: Tenor saxophone takes Theme as trumpet replaces horn in 'motto'
    • Section 8: Theme taken by soprano saxophone 'espressivo'
    • Section 9: Theme: celeste, piccolos and horn
    • Section 10: Theme: Oboes, horns, clarinets
    • Section 11: Theme taken by First Trombone, complete with jazzy slides
    • Section 12: Theme: flutes, oboes, clarinets, sax
    • Section 13: Violins at last take the main tune, joining massed winds
    • Section 14: Violins divide into four groups, each 'double-stopping'
    • Section 15: Trumpet, trombone 2 and tuba join the foreground
    • Section 16: First trombone and soprano saxophone 'rejoin' theme
    • Section 17: Fortissimo
    • Section 18: Entire orchestra now employed, 'as loudly as possible'
    • Section 19: Sudden, amazing change of key, lurching from C to E major
    • Section 20: Key now lurches back to C, as jazzy trombones whiningly protest
    • Cue to complete performance

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