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(Franz) Joseph Haydn

(Franz) Joseph Haydn Composer

The Life and Works of Joseph Haydn (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann

Performances: 1
Tracks: 30
  • The Life and Works of Joseph Haydn (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann
    Pr. Instrument: Narrator
    • From peasant to choirboy (spoken word). Includes Symphony No.92 in G ("Oxford"): No.4. Presto by Joseph Haydn
    • Pranks, a narrow escape and expulsion (spoken word)
    • Poverty, hunger and determination (spoken word)
    • Further pranks, apprenticeship and a helping hand (spoken word)
    • Early fame and first sonatas (spoken word)
    • Patronage, marriage and first symphonies (spoken word)
    • Haydn as servant and diplomat (spoken word)
    • Curtain (spoken word) #1.
    • Finding his feet at the Esterházy court (spoken word)
    • Reprimand, overwork, illness and inspiration (spoken word)
    • Sturm und Drang (spoken word)
    • Mastery, history and profundity: a genius in full flower (spoken word)
    • "Exile" at Esterház and enforced originality (spoken word)
    • A diplomat of genius (spoken word)
    • Fire endured and commemorated (spoken word)
    • Curtain (spoken word) #2.
    • Haydn and opera (spoken word)
    • An affair and a friendship: Polzelli and Mozart (spoken word)
    • Going to bat for Mozart (spoken word). Includes String Quartet in C, K. 465 ("Dissonance"): Mvt 1. Adagio - Allegro by Wolfgang Amade
    • Fame, servitude and loyalty: the unseen celebrity (spoken word)
    • Sprung from a gilded cage: Haydn goes to London (spoken word)
    • The naked face of genius: triumph, glamour, depression and resilience (spoken word)
    • Haydn as foreign correspondent (spoken word)
    • Haydn as a statistical historian (spoken word)
    • Return to Vienna (and an unusual new pupil) (spoken word)
    • Once more to England (spoken word)
    • The homecoming hero (spoken word)
    • Towards "The Creation" (spoken word)
    • Towards "The Seasons" age begins to tell (spoken word)
    • A sad old age (spoken word)

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