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Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi Composer

The Life and Works of Giuseppe Verdi (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann

Performances: 1
Tracks: 37
  • The Life and Works of Giuseppe Verdi (Naxos): Narration by Jeremy Siepmann
    Pr. Instrument: Narrator
    • Early Manhood, civil strife, and the start of a career
    • Tragedy, creation, and the birth of a true professional
    • Failure, despair, and rescue: the genesis of Nabucco
    • A sensation reported and recalled
    • Into the galleys: fame, frustration, and a major surprise
    • The revolution of Macbeth and a return to safer ground
    • Paris and a love affair
    • The revolutions of 1848
    • Composition and censorship: the strife-torn birth of Rigoletto
    • Verdi the unsurpassed psychologist
    • Strepponi, Busseto, and the rift with Barezzi
    • Escape: Verdi and Strepponi at Sant' Agata
    • "The Bear of Busseto" emerges: the darker side of Verdi
    • Verdi's "divorce" from his parents; his mother's death, and a theatrical fiasco
    • Verdi and Women: Strepponi and the "Dark Lady"
    • La Travailata: Verdi's trials at the Paris OpĂ©ra
    • Verdi in rehearsal - and a review from Berlioz
    • Yet more trouble with the censors
    • A passionate patriot, a reluctant politician
    • A semi-official retirement, nursed by disenchantment
    • Verdi welcomes war
    • He travels to Paris for Don Carlos
    • Stupendous triumph
    • Verdi shaken by deaths of his father, Barezzi, and Rossini
    • He meets Manzoni
    • An unusual opera
    • Enter Teresa Stolz, exit Mariani
    • Strepponi struggles with jealousy as Verdi writes Aida
    • Verdi bemoans the corruption of the operatic world
    • Manzoni's death begets a masterpiece
    • The return to Shakespeare
    • Verdi the Wagner of Italy
    • A Shakespearian swansong
    • Old age and the death of Strepponi
    • Verdi the widower
    • Stolz and the aged Verdi, a visit from Toscanini
    • The old man dies and the world pays homage

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