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John Adams

John Adams Composer

I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (songplay)

Performances: 2
Tracks: 24
  • I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (songplay)
    Year: 1995
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Ensemble: I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky
      • 2.A Sermon on Romance
      • 3.Leila's Song of the Wise Young Women
      • 4.Solo in the Sunlight
      • 5.¿Donde Estàs?
      • 6.Mike's Song About Arresting a Particular Individual
      • 7.Tiffany's Solo
      • 8.Song about the On Site Altercation
      • 9.Song About the Bad Boys and the News
      • 10.Your Honor my Client He's a Young Black Man
      • 11.Consuelo's Dream
      • 12.Rick's Cross-Examination of Tiffany and Mike
      • 13.Song About Law School as the Natural Follow-up to Jail
      • 14.Leila's Solo: Alone (Again or At Last)
      • 15.Song About the Sweet Majority Population of the World
    • Act 2
      • 16.Duet: Three Weeks and Still I'm Outta my Mind
      • 17.Earthquake-Music
      • 18.Crushed by the Rock I Been Standing On
      • 19.Duet in the Middle of Terrible Duress
      • 20.Dewain's Song of Liberation and Surprise
      • 21.Este Páis / This Country
      • 22.One Last Look At the Angel in Your Eyes
      • 23.Finale

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