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Anthony Louis Scarmolin Composer

The Caliph (An Arabian episode in one act)

Performances: 3
Tracks: 17
  • The Caliph (An Arabian episode in one act)
    Year: 1948
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Dance
    • Act I: In the name of Allah the Merciful … (Mogro)
    • Act I: Another day? … A fine day … (Dilidilan, Mogro)
    • Act I: An old woman peers up at me … (Dilidilan)
    • Act I: Mesrour, Mesrour! … You called? (Dilidilan, Mesrour)
    • Act I: What is this? … Cut out my tongue … Give me my letter! (Caliph, Mesrour, Dilidilan)
    • Act I: Surely my brother is coming to his death … (Dilidilan)
    • Act I: Over the world the morning drives … Fot the third morning … (Ali Hassan, Dilidilan)
    • Act I: Surely I am the most blest of men … You obeyed my instructions …(Ali Hassan, Dilidilan)
    • Act I: What profitable angel has guided… He is Ali Hassan … O, my Lord … (Caliph, Dilidilan, Ali Hassan)
    • Act I: I was looking for a sight of her … It is good that youth should be so inflammable …(Ali Hassan, Caliph)
    • Act I: Wait … There is more? … But if you do this … Master! (Caliph, Ali Hassan, Mesrour, Mogro)
    • Act I: Dilidilan's Dance
    • Act I: Mesrour … To hear is to obey. (Caliph, Mesrour)
    • Act I: Why would you marry me … Look at him run! (Dilidilan, Caliph)
    • Act I: Long have I loved thee … I, too, have loved thee… (Caliph, Dilidilan)

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