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Carl Maria von Weber

Carl Maria von Weber Composer

Oberon, J.306 (opera)

Performances: 66
Tracks: 251
  • Oberon, J.306 (opera)
    Year: 1825-26
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 3
      • 1.Rescued by Corsairs, Fatima and Sherasmin are Alive and Well in Tunis
      • 2.Song: O Araby, Dear Araby, my Own, my Native Land!
      • 3.Sherasmin is Entranced by his Arab Girl
      • 4.Duet: On the Banks of Sweet Garonne. Let's be Merry, While we May
      • 5.Puck has Magicked Huon to Tunis and Pronounces a Spell
      • 6.Terzettino: And Must I then Disemble? No Other Hope I Know
      • 7.But there is No Response by Oberon to their Eloquent Prayers
      • 8.Cavatina: Mourn Thou, Poor Heart, for the Joys that are Dead!
      • 9.Almanzor is Bewitched by Reiza's Beauty and Moved by her Sorrow
      • 10.Rondo: I Revel in Hope and Joy Again
      • 11.Suddenly the Curtains Part, but it is not Reiza who Greets Huon
      • 12.Chorus and Ballet: For thee Hath Beauty Decked her Bower!
      • 13.Huon Tries to Break Free, but Roshana and her Women Cling to him
      • 14.Finale: Almanzor is Rooted to the Spot. Hark! What Notes are Swelling?
      • 15.Huon, with True Heroism, has Fulfilled the Terms of his Reprieve
      • 16.Marcia Maestoso: Behold! Obedient to the Oath he Swore, Huon is Kneeling. Hail to the King
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.In a Garden Full of Beautiful Flowers in Glorious Bloom
      • 3.Introduction: Light as Fairy Foot Can Fall
      • 4.Watching Over Oberon, His Sleeping Master, Puck Dismisses the Sprites and Elves
      • 5.Aria: Fatal Vow!
      • 6.Puck, Searching High and Low for these Paragons of Fidelity, has Found a French Chevalier
      • 7.Vision: O, Why Art Thou Sleeping, Sir Huon the Brave?
      • 8.The Vision is Gone. Oberon Wakes Huon
      • 9.Ensemble: Honour and Joy to the True and the Brave!
      • 10.Huon is Sure that his Vision of the Princess Reiza was No Delusion
      • 11.Aria: From Boyhood Trained
      • 12.So Knight and Squire Take Ship from France
      • 13.Finale: Haste, Gallant Knight...Joy! Joy! We are Rescued in the Hour of Need!
    • Act 2
      • 1.Chorus: Glory to the Caliph, to Haroun the Just!
      • 2.It is the Wedding Day of Princess Reiza and Prince Babakhan
      • 3.Dance of the Bayaderes
      • 4.Reiza Whispers Anxiously to her Maid, 'Will my Rescuer Desert me Now?'
      • 5.Melodrama: Summoned by the Horn, Oberon is Suddenly in their Midst
      • 6.While Huon and Reiza Get Ready to Leave, Sherasmin Seizes his Chance with the Pretty Arab
      • 8.Ariette: A Lonely Arab Maid, the Desert's Simple Child
      • 9.All is Now Set Fair for Both Couples to Sail from Ascalon Back to France
      • 10.Quartet: Over the Dark Blue Waters, Over the Wide Wide Sea
      • 11.But the Lovers' Troubles are Only About to Begin
      • 12.Solo and Chorus: Spirits of Air and Earth and Sea (Storm Music)
      • 13.On a Barren Island, Huon and Reiza Have been Shipwrecked During the Great Storm
      • 14.Preghiera: Ruler of the Awful Hour, Spare, O Spare Yon Tender Flow'r!
      • 15.Huon has Lost the Magic Horn Which Could have Brought them Relief
      • 16.Scena and Aria: Ocean! Thou Mighty Monster
      • 17.What Reiza has Seen Approaching are not Rescuers but Corsairs!
      • 18.Symphony: Alas! Poor Mortal!
      • 19.Oberon Orders Puck to Erect a Pavilion Made of Flowers to Shield Huon
      • 20.Finale: And Hark, the Mermaids' Witching Strain O'er the Lull'd List'ning Main

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Act 1 - 1.Overture

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