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Sir Edward Elgar

Sir Edward Elgar Composer

The Crown of India, imperial masque for alto, bass, chorus and orchestra, Op.66

Performances: 4
Tracks: 50
  • The Crown of India, imperial masque for alto, bass, chorus and orchestra, Op.66
    Year: 1912
    Genre: Incidental Music
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Tableau 1: The Cities of India
      • 1a.Introduction. Allegro. Andante quasi Recitativo
      • 1b.Sacred Measure. Moderato
      • 2.Dance of Nautch Girls. Allegretto. Allegro molto. Strepitoso
      • 2a.India greets her Cities. Allegro molto. Allegro. A tempo
      • 3.Song: Hail, Immemorial Ind! Andante - Quasi recitativo - Allegretto
      • 3a.Well dost thou say that East and West upbear
      • 3b.Entrance of Calcutta. Allegro
      • 3c.Welcome Calcutta!
      • 3d.Entrance of Delhi. Allegro. Solenne
      • 3e.Stop! That place is mine.
      • 4a.Introduction. Maestoso. Andante
      • 4b.March of the Mogul Emperors. Moderato maestoso. Marziale. Pompo
      • 4b.Illustrious Emperors!
      • 5.Entrance of 'John Company'. Moderato
      • 5.Good John Company, reply
      • 5a.Entrance of St. George. Andante. Allegro moderato
      • 5a.Calcutta, Delhi, give your quarrel pause
      • 6.Song: The Rule of England. Marziale
    • Interlude
    • Tableau 2: Ave Imperator!
      • 8a.Introduction. Allegro
      • 8b.Warriors' Dance. Allegro. Marcato e brillante. Più mosso
      • 9.The Cities of Ind. Allegro. Moderato maestoso. Adagio, maestoso
      • 9.Hail Festal Hour from out the Ages drawn
      • 10.March. The Crown of India. Tempo di marcia
      • 10.Incessu patuit Imperator
      • 10a.The Homage of Ind
      • 11.The Crowning of Delhi
      • 12.Ave Imperator!

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