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Ned Rorem Composer

Evidence of Things Not Seen, for voices and piano

Performances: 2
Tracks: 2
  • Evidence of Things Not Seen, for voices and piano
    Year: 1951-97
    Genre: Other Solo Vocal
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Part One. Beginnings
      • 1.From Whence Cometh Song?
      • 2.The Open Road
      • 3.O Where Are You Going? (from Five Songs)
      • 4.The Rainbow
      • 5.How Do I Love Thee
      • 6.Life in a Love
      • 7.Their Lonely Betters
      • 8.His Beauty Sparkles
      • 9.Boy With a Baseball Glove
      • 9.A Glimpse
      • 10.I Am He
      • 11.Love Cannot Fill
      • 12.The More Loving One
      • 13.Hymn for Morning
    • Part Two. Middles.
      • 1.I Saw a Mass (from Journal)
      • 2.The Comfort of Friends
      • 3.A Dead Statesman
      • 4.The Candid Man
      • 5.Comment on War
      • 6.A Learned Man
      • 7.Dear, Though the Night
      • 8.Requiescat
      • 9.Is My Team Ploughing?
      • 10.As I Walked Out One Evening
      • 11.The Sick Wife
      • 12.Now Is the Dreadful Midnight
      • 13.Hymn for Evening
    • Part Three. Ends.
      • 1.He Thinks Upon His Death (L'Autre Sommeil)
      • 2.On an Echoing Road (L'Etoile Vesper)
      • 3.A Terrible Disaster
      • 4.Come In
      • 5.The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water
      • 6.End of Day
      • 7.Faith (from Atlantis)
      • 8.Even Now
      • 9.Evidence of Things Not Seen

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