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Yuan-kai Bao

Yuan-kai Bao Composer

Yanhuang Fengqing (Chinese Sights and Sounds)

Performances: 1
Tracks: 24
Musicology (work in progress):
  • Yanhuang Fengqing (Chinese Sights and Sounds)
    • Suite 1: Stories on the Lands of Ancient Yan and Zhao
      • 1.Little Cabbage
      • 2.The Little Cowherd
      • 3.Jasmine
      • 4.Can You Guess What Flower It Is
    • Suite 2: Sketches of the Highland of Yuannan
      • 1.Flowing Stream
      • 2.Song of Wrangler
      • 3.Blossoming for Rainwater
      • 4.Song of Riddles
    • Suite 3: Sadness and Happiness on the Yellow Soil Highland
      • 1.Theme and Variation by Folksong (A Girl Who Carries Water)
      • 2.The Amusing Couple
      • 3.Going to Jiangzhou
      • 4.Lady Lan Huahua
    • Suite 4: Mountain Songs of the Ancient States Ba and Shu
      • 1.Expecting the Blossom of Scholar tree
      • 2.Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole
      • 3.Embroider a Pouch
      • 4.Happy Sunrise
    • Suite 5: Drizzle in the South
      • 1.The Scenery of Wuxi
      • 2.Green Willow
      • 3.Pulling out a Reed Catkin
      • 4.Bamboo-flute Tune
    • Suite 6: Seasons in Taihang Mountains
      • 1.Going to Xikou
      • 2.Happy Lantern Festival
      • 3.Mountain Tune
      • 4.Going to Watch Yangge Dance

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