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Nicolae Bretan Composer

Horia, opera

Performances: 1
Tracks: 32
Musicology (work in progress):
  • Horia, opera
    • Prelude: "Under Prince Stephen, the Great and Wise"
    • Prelude: "I'll begin with myself"
    • Prelude: "So you may see how unjust you are, listen!"
    • Prelude: "Listen to me! Do you own a house?"
    • Scene Two: "Oh, it's really not my day"
    • Scene Two: "I have no idea"
    • Scene Two: "Foolish girl, what have you done?"
    • Scene Two: "Well then, I have no time to lose!"
    • Scene Two: "Dear Lord, grant them a good life!"
    • Scene Two: "Is anybody here?"
    • Scene Two: "Oh, Horia!"
    • Scene Three: "Right to the top?"
    • Scene Three: "Ever since my wife died"
    • Scene Three: "I'm not a man of words"
    • Scene Three: "With you fellow, with the whole world!"
    • Scene Four: "We still have to agree"
    • Scene Four: "All those who fail to control themselves should reflect"
    • Scene Four: "Now I, Horia, do here, before the Lord"
    • Scene Four: "You, who placed us in this ancestral land"
    • Scene Five: "Under Prince Stephen, the Great and Wise"
    • Scene Five: "Nutu! Halt!"
    • Scene Five: "Well then, listen, and then judge!"
    • Scene Five: "I say that the Captain did well!"
    • Scene Five: "Now only swift action wil save us."
    • Scene Six: "Triumph! We're saved!"
    • Scene Six: "I'll invent tortures and torments"
    • Scene Seven: "Above all else, Horia, Closca and Crisan"
    • Scene Seven: "The way you have rendered your judgment"
    • Scene Seven: "Whether we are guilty, I cannot say"
    • Scene Seven: "Let me through, Christians!"
    • Scene Seven: "My child, come to terms with fate"
    • Scene Seven: "Death passes through the garden"

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