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Frederick Delius

Frederick Delius Composer

A Village Romeo and Juliet (opera)

Performances: 15
Tracks: 63
  • A Village Romeo and Juliet (opera)
    Year: 1899-1901
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Scene 1
      • 1.Straight on, my plough, straight on!
      • 2.Tis such a shame to let good land lie waste
      • 3.Come, Vrenchen, come!
      • 4.The children are nearby
      • 5.How strange the song of the wind
      • 6.Listen, my children, you need have no fear!
      • 7.We two will be the only bidders for that land
    • Scene 2
      • 1.Introduction: Lento
      • 2.Vrenchen! Sali!
      • 3.If only we two always stand together
    • Scene 3
      • 1.Introduction: Poco meno
      • 2.Sali! Vrenchen!
      • 3.You hear? I'm not surprised
      • 4.O Sali, I'm afraid!
      • 5.Shameless hussy!
    • Scene 4
      • 1.Introduction: Lento molto
      • 2.Ah, the darkness has come
      • 3.O Sali, I should have died
      • 4.What will you do? Where will you go?
      • 5.The Dream of Sali and Vrenchen
      • 6.Interlude: Lento
      • 7.Ah, 'twas all a dream!
    • Scene 5
      • 1.Introduction: Con moto
      • 2.Oh, Sali, look at those lovely, lovely things!
      • 3.Well well! What do I see?
      • 4.Come, my Vrenchen!
      • 5.Interlude: The Walk to the Paradise Garden
    • Scene 6
      • 1.Dance and song, all day long!
      • 2.Interlude: Lento
      • 3.So I must tell you
      • 4.The twilight closes round the garden
      • 5.Vagabonds and comrades!
      • 6.Come with us live in freedom!
      • 7.Halleo! halleo!
      • 8.Passing strangers, drifting by
      • 9.See, the silver moonlight kisses the woods
      • 10.See, our marriage bed awaits us!

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Scene 5 - 5.Interlude: The Walk to the Paradise Garden

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