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Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky Composer

The Oprichnik (opera)

Performances: 10
Tracks: 57
  • The Oprichnik (opera)
    Year: 1872
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Orchestra
    • Introduction
    • Act 1
      • 1.Come In, Do Us the Honour
      • 2.A Duckling was Swimming in the Sea
      • 3.How Wearisome it is to Spend
      • 4.A Nightingale Chirps on Leafy Fronds
      • 5.See Here if One Should Get Sad Over Such a Song!
      • 6.Don't Worry, Dear Andrej, Step Forward
      • 7.Tell Me, Have You Taken a Decision?
      • 8.No, My Friend
      • 9.I Thought I Heard Some Voices
      • 10.Here You are Then!
    • Act 2
      • Tableau 1
        • 1.Introduction
        • 2.Much as One Tries, Life Never Changes
        • 3.No More Worries, Mother, Let the Wind
        • 4.But You, Son, Keep Purer than the Snow
        • 5.Basmanov Likes Wine and Pleasures
        • 6.Dear Son, Do Not Abandon Me
        • 7.I Leave, Mother, but I Won't be Away for Long
      • Tableau 2
        • 8.Introduction
        • 9.What Refuge Shall I Find from My Sins?
        • 10.Brothers, Stop Being Engrossed in Godly Things!
        • 11.No, Stay, I Come from the Czar
        • 12.Have You Made this Choice Freely
        • 13.Before You, Like Before God
        • 14.Are You Ready, then, to Take the Sacred Oath?
        • 15.O Natal'ja, O Mother!
        • 16.In the Name of the Almighty God
        • 17.As Glorious as the Sun in a Clear Day
    • Act 3
      • 1.Introduction
      • 2.Dark Times are Looming on Us
      • 3.Oh, How Lonely I Already Feel!
      • 4.Filthy Bitch, Dirty Broom
      • 5.I Run to You, Dear Mother
      • 6.Let's Run Away, Come, Let's Flee Somewhere
      • 7.I am Before You and Before the Lord
      • 8.Go, Princess
      • 9.I Deny You, Off with You, Praetorian
      • 10.Alas, I Cannot Fully Grasp
      • 11.Take Heart, Brother in Faith
      • 12.Honour and Glory to the Fine, Courageous Lad
    • Act 4
      • 1.Dances of Oprichniks and Women
      • 2.Friends, this Day is Both Joyful and Sad
      • 3.Oh, if Only this Banquet Would End!
      • 4.You are my Light, My Life
      • 5.Oh, May They Never Age
      • 6.My Respects to the Noble Congregation
      • 7.Look, a Frightening Storm Threatens
      • 8.And So, My Dove, Do You Know Who is Calling You?

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