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Vagn Holmboe Composer

Kairos, for string orchestra, Op.73

Performances: 3
Tracks: 21
Musicology (work in progress):
  • Kairos, for string orchestra, Op.73
    Year: 1957-62
    • Sinfonia IV: Preludio
    • Sinfonia I
    • Sinfonia IV: Interludio I
    • Sinfonia II
    • Sinfonia IV: Interludio II
    • Sinfonia III
    • Sinfonia IV: Postludio
    • 1.Preludio (first movement of Sinfonia IV, Op.73d)
    • 2.Sinfonia I, Op.73a
    • 3.Interludio I (second movement of Sinfonia IV)
    • 4.Sinfonia II, Op.73b
    • 5.Interludio II (third movement of Sinfonia IV)
    • 6.Sinfonia III, Op.73c
    • 7.Postludio (fourth movement of Sinfonia IV)
    • 1.Preludio (Sinfonia IV, Op.73d)
    • 2.Sinfonia I (Op.73a)
    • 3.Interludio I (Sinfonia IV, Op.73d)
    • 4.Sinfonia II (Op.73b)
    • 5.Interludio II (Sinfonia IV, Op.73d)
    • 6.Sinfonia III (Op.73c)
    • 7.Postludio (Sinfonia IV, Op.73d)

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