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Victor Herbert

Victor Herbert Composer

Sweethearts (operetta)

Performances: 2
Tracks: 2
  • Sweethearts (operetta)
    Year: 1913
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Orchestra
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture
      • 2.Chorus: All we do the whole day through
      • 3.Dialog: The moment my back is turned
      • 4.Chorus: When the band starts to play
      • 5.Dialog: Karl! Darling!
      • 6.Song: Opinions may vary
      • 7.Dialog: Good morning, young ladies
      • 8.Song: If you ask (Sweehearts)
      • 9.Dialog: Soldiers like Lieutenant Karl
      • 10.Song: When love (Every lover)
      • 11.Dialog: How happy that girl will be
      • 12.Song: Mother Goose (Mother Goose)
      • 13.Dialog and Scene: Now I'm as good
      • 14.Prayer: Now on the air (The Angelus)
      • 15.Dialog: Well, Monsieur
      • 16.Song: The lively Jeanette
      • 17.Dialog: Quite a charmer
      • 18.Finale: Pretty one
    • Act 2
      • 1.Entr'acte
      • 2.Male chorus: As guests of the Prince
      • 3.Song: It doesn't matter (Pretty as a Picture)
      • 4.Dialog: This is no time to talk business
      • 5.Song: If your aim (What She Wanted)
      • 6.Dialog: Speaking of disgrace
      • 7.Scene and Song: Tra-la-la...In the Convent
      • 8.Dialog: Sylvia, at last
      • 9.Duet: When a man (Talk About This)
      • 10.Song: I never make love (The Game of Love)
      • 11.Dialog: My friends, if you wish
      • 12.Song: In matters (I Don't Know How I Do It)
      • 13.Dialog: Captain?
      • 14.Duet: How much better (Cricket on the Hearth)
      • 15.Dialog: I shall approach
      • 16.Trio: Behold three pilgrims
      • 17.Dialog: Well, you can say what you like
      • 18.Finale: Hail, Franz of Zilania

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