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Gian Carlo Menotti

Gian Carlo Menotti Composer

The Saint of Bleecker Street (opera)

Performances: 1
Tracks: 32
  • The Saint of Bleecker Street (opera)
    Year: 1954
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • Scene 1
        • 1.Introduction - Rosa Mystica (Assunta, Chorus, A Young Man)
        • 2.Well … I'm tired of waiting! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Chorus, A Young Woman)
        • 3.The vision has begun (Don Marco, Chorus)
        • 4.Ah, sweet Jesus, spare me this agony (Annina, Chorus)
        • 5.Look! The stigmata (Chorus)
        • 6.Stop it! (Michele, Carmela, Chorus, Don Marco)
        • 7.Ah, poor Michele, it is not I your rival (Don Marco)
        • 8.Interlude
      • Scene 2
        • 1.Canta ninna, canta nanna al mio bambino (Assunta, Carmela, An Old Woman, Renata, Annina, Man's Voice, Woman's Voice, Concettina)
        • 2.Annina, I've something to confess to you (Carmela, Annina, Assunta)
        • 3.Annina, Annina! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Annina, Son of Maria Corona)
        • 4.Michele, Michele! (Annina, Michele)
        • 5.Sister, I shall hide you and take you away (Michele, Annina)
        • 6.Veglia su di noi, Santo del Sangue (Chorus, Annina, Michele)
    • Act 2
      • 1.Introduction - Hai l'occhio nero, nero della quaglia (1 Tenor, Chorus, 1 Baritone, Michele, Annina, Carmela, Salvatore, A Guest)
      • 2.Where is Michele? (Desideria, Bartender, Michele)
      • 3.Eh gia giovinotti voglion stare attorno a te (Chorus, Desideria, Michele)
      • 4.Ah, Michele, don't you know that love can turn to hate (Desideria)
      • 5.You will regret it (Michele, Don Marco, Chorus, Annina, Salvatore)
      • 6.I know that you all hate me (Michele)
      • 7.You are wrong, Michele (Don Marco, Annina, Michele)
      • 8.Yes, Michele, go home, go, go … (Desideria, Michele, Annina, Chorus)
    • Act 3
      • Scene 1
        • 1.Introduction - Stop worrying, Annina (Maria Corona, Annina)
        • 2.There she is (Don Marco, Maria Corona, Annina, Michele)
        • 3.Weeping, these, for him, are days of weeping (Maria Corona, Annina, Michele)
      • Interlude
      • Scene 2
        • 1.Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi (Assunta, Chorus, Annina, Carmela)
        • 2.Annina, Annina, prepare yourself for a great joy (Don Marco, Annina, Carmela)
        • 3.Oh, my Love, at last the hour has come (Annina, Carmela)
        • 4.Maria, Salvatore! (Assunta, Maria Corona, Salvatore, Don Marco, 1 Tenor, 1 Bass, Carmela)
        • 5.Gloria tibi Domine in saeculum et in saeculum saeculi (Chorus, Don Marco, Annina)
        • 6.Annina, Annina! (Michele, Salvatore, Don Marco, Maria Corona, Carmela, Assunta, Chorus)

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