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Ralph Vaughan Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer

Riders to the Sea (opera)

Performances: 2
Tracks: 20
  • Riders to the Sea (opera)
    Year: 1925-32
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • 1.Where is she? (Nora, Cathleen)
    • 2.Isn't it turf enough you have (Maurya, Cathleen, Nora)
    • 3.Where is the bit of new rope, Cathleen (Bartley, Cathleen, Nora, Maurya)
    • 4.He's gone now, God spare us (Maurya, Cathleen, Nora)
    • 5.Wait, Nora, maybe she'd turn back quickly (Cathleen, Nora)
    • 6.You didn't give him his bit of bread? (Cathleen, Maurya)
    • 7.I went down to the spring well (Maurya, Nora, Cathleen)
    • 8.Bartley will be lost now (Maurya, Nora, Cathleen, Woman, Chorus)
    • 9.They are all gone now (Maurya, Nora)
    • 10.And may he have mercy on my soul (Maurya, Chorus)

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