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John Blow

John Blow Composer

Venus and Adonis (masque entertainment)

Performances: 3
Tracks: 61
  • Venus and Adonis (masque entertainment)
    Year: 1683
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • 1.Overture
    • 2.Prologue
      • 1.Behold my arrows and my bow
      • 2.Come, shepherds all, let's sing and play
      • 3.In these sweet groves love is not taught
      • 4.Cupid's Entry
    • 3.Act 1
      • 1.Tune for Flutes
      • 2.Venus!... Adonis!...
      • 3.Hunter's Music - hark, hark, the rural music sounds
      • 4.Adonis will not hunt today
      • 5.Come follow, follow to the noblest game
      • 6.A Dance by a Huntsman
      • 7.Act Tune
    • 4.Act 2
      • 1.You place with such delightful care
      • 2.The insolent, the arrogant
      • 3.Choose for the formal fool
      • 4.A Dance of Cupids
      • 5.Call the Graces
      • 6.Mortals below, Cupids above
      • 7.The Graces' Dance
      • 8.Gavatt
      • 9.Sarabrand for the Graces
      • 10.A Ground
      • 11.Act Tune
    • 5.Act 3
      • 1.Adonis! Adonis! Adonis!
      • 2.With solemn pomp let mourning Cupids bear
      • 3.Mourn for thy servant, mighty God of Love

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