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David Popper Composer

High School of Cello Playing, etudes for cello, Op.73

Performances: 1
Tracks: 40
  • High School of Cello Playing, etudes for cello, Op.73
    Year: 1901-05
    Genre: Solo Chamber
    Pr. Instrument: Cello
    • 1.Etude No.1 in C
    • 2.Etude No.2 in G
    • 3.Etude No.3 in Bb-
    • 4.Etude No.4 in F#
    • 5.Etude No.5 in A
    • 6.Etude No.6 in F
    • 7.Etude No.7 in A
    • 8.Etude No.8 in C
    • 9.Etude No.9 in Eb
    • 10.Etude No.10 in C-
    • 11.Etude No.11 in F
    • 12.Etude No.12 in C
    • 13.Etude No.13 in Eb
    • 14.Etude No.14 in D
    • 15.Etude No.15 in G
    • 16.Etude No.16 in C
    • 17.Etude No.17 in C-
    • 18.Etude No.18 in D
    • 19.Etude No.19 in Eb, 'Lohengrin Study'
    • 20.Etude No.20 in G-
    • 21.Etude No.21 in A-
    • 22.Etude No.22 in G
    • 23.Etude No.23 in B-
    • 24.Etude No.24 in G
    • 25.Etude No.25 in Bb
    • 26.Etude No.26 in A
    • 27.Etude No.27 in C
    • 28.Etude No.28 in A
    • 29.Etude No.29 in F#-
    • 30.Etude No.30 in Gb
    • 31.Etude No.31 in C
    • 32.Etude No.32 in C-
    • 33.Etude No.33 in D
    • 34.Etude No.34 in F
    • 35.Etude No.35 in Db
    • 36.Etude No.36 in C
    • 37.Etude No.37 in E, 'Study in Mordents'
    • 38.Etude No.38 in D
    • 39.Etude No.39 in Db
    • 40.Etude No.40 in D, 'Study in Harmonics'

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