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Jean Sibelius

Jean Sibelius Composer

The Tempest (Prelude, from the incidental music) Op.109

Performances: 21
Tracks: 151
  • The Tempest (Prelude, from the incidental music) Op.109
    Year: 1927
    Genre: Incidental Music
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • Act 1
      • 1.Overture. Largamente molto
      • 2.Sc.1: Miranda Lulled to Slumber. Andante sostenuto
      • 3.Sc.1: Ariel Approches. Allegro
      • 4.Sc.1: Chorus of the Winds. Molto moderato
      • 5.Sc.1: Ariel Hastens Away. Allegro
      • 6.Sc.1: Fem Favne dybt (Full fathom five thy father lies). Largamente
      • 7.Sc.1: Kom herhid paa gule Sand (Come unto these yellow sands) Poco con moto
    • Act 2
      • 1.Sc.2: Entr'acte. Adagio. Poco meno adagio. Tempo primo
      • 2.Sc.2: The Oak Tree (Ariel) Plays the Flute. Molto moderato
      • 3.Sc.2: Medens trygt I snorke her (While you here do snoring lie). Moderato
      • 4.Sc.3: Interlude (Caliban). Allegretto. Piu moderato. Poco a poco stretto
      • 5.Sc.3: Kaptejnen og Styrmand (The master, the swabber, the boatswain, and I). Commodo
      • 6.Sc.3: Farvel, min Husbond, farvel, farvel! (Farewell, master; farewell, farewell!)
    • Act 3
      • 1.Sc.4: Interlude. Allegretto
      • 2.Sc.5: Allegro commodo
      • 3.Sc.5: Flaa dem og slaa dem (Flout 'em and scout 'em). Allegretto con moto
      • 4.Sc.6: Dance of the Shapes. Moderato assai. Allegro molto moderato
      • 5.Sc.6: Ariel, like a Harpy. Grave
      • 6.Sc.6: Dance II (The Shapes Dance Out). Allegro
    • Act 4
      • 1.Sc.7: Intermezzo. Andante con moto
      • 2.Sc7: Ariel Approaches. Allegro 1
      • 3.Sc.7: Før du drage kan dit Vejr (Before you can say 'Come' and 'Go'). Allegretto mod
      • 4.Sc.7: The Rainbow. Poco adagio
      • 5.Sc.7: Iris's Melodrama. Moderato assai
      • 6.Sc7: Rigdom, Held of Børnelykke (Honor, riches, marriage blessing). Commodo
      • 7.Sc7: Dance of the Naiads. Allegretto grazioso
      • 8.Sc7: The Harvesters. Commodo
      • 9.Sc7: Ariel Approaches. Allegro 2
      • 10.Sc7: Ariel Hastens Away. Allegro
      • 11.Sc7: Ariel Approaches. Allegro 3
      • 12.Sc7: The Dogs. Poco con moto. Allegretto
    • Act 5
      • 1(bis.) Sc8: Overture. Poco con moto
      • 2.Sc8: Largo. Un pochettino affrettando. Adagio
      • 3.Sc8: Med Bien drikker jeg af Krus (Where the bee sucks, there suck I). Poco con moto
      • 4.Sc8: Cortège. Tempo giusto. Poco a poco stretto
      • 5(bis).Sc8: Epilogue. Poco adagio. Allargando

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