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Daniel Börtz Composer

Marie Antoinette, opera in 2 acts

Performances: 1
Tracks: 30
  • Marie Antoinette, opera in 2 acts
    Year: ca. 1998
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Act 1. Axel von Fersen is dressed in full uniform.
    • Act 1. Stockholm 1810, the mob on the street is stirring up trouble, - the women march on Versaille
    • Act 1. Masked ball at Versailles. Marie Antoinette and Axel von Fersen meet for the first time.
    • Act 1. La Motte's aria. 'I had a chance just now... The devil himself stole it!'
    • Act 1. Louis XVI is operated on at Versailles.
    • Act 1. Marie and Axel. 'It's a funny thing... you never ask for anything... but you are always ther
    • Act 1. Audience at Court. Quintet: Rohan, La Motte, Axel, Orléans, Lamballe.
    • Act 1. Marie Antoinette screams in labour.
    • Act 1. Parting. Axel. 'That is why I must depart from here...' Marie. 'A bolt of lightning struck..
    • Act 1. The Riot in Stockholm 1810.
    • Act 1. The Court at Versailles 1798. Marie sings Dido's Lament.
    • Act 1. Axel's return.
    • Act 1. Axel's aria. 'But I am happy now...'
    • Act 1. Fête at Trianon. Gossip and intrigues.
    • Act 1. Love duet between Marie and Axel. 'Say that you have missed me... Tell me what you dream abo
    • Act 1. La Motte contrives a swindle of the necklace.
    • Act 1. Marie's aria. 'I came here as a girl and became queen of the land...' The King declares fina
    • Act 1. The sentencing of La Motte. - Revolution.
    • Act 2. A grove in the French countryside. The Royal Family stops for a rest during their flight.
    • Act 2. Varennes. 'The warning bells are ringing!' The Royal Family is captured.
    • Act 2. Axel's aria. 'Out of the volcano the butterfly...'.
    • Act 2. Gustave III. 'Fersen should not have left them...'
    • Act 2. The final lover's rendezvous between Marie and Axel. 'You are a coward if you fail me!'
    • Act 2. Dawn: Louis' aria. 'I know that they consider me weak and irresolute...'
    • Act 2. Revolutionary song. 'Ah! ça ira, ça ira...' A crowd of people and Marie Antoinette.
    • Act 2. Stockholm 1810. 'Murderer of a prince! Conceited rococo fool!'
    • Act 2. Temple. Marie Antoinette, now 'Citizen Capet', is imprisoned. Louis and Lamballe are execut
    • Act 2. Revolutionary court. Marie is charged and sentenced. 'Stand up tall and give us your reply!'
    • Act 2. Marie's final scene. 'I pray to God from the bottom of my heart for forgiveness.' - Marie's
    • Act 2. Stockholm 1810. Axel relives moments of love with Marie before he meets his end.

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