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Tomás Bretón Composer

La Verbena de la Paloma, zarzuela

Performances: 6
Tracks: 18
  • La Verbena de la Paloma, zarzuela
    Year: 1894
    • Overture
    • Oh, these days
    • Some Are Smiling, Some Are Laughing
    • The baby's fast asleep now
    • To greet our Lady of la Paloma
    • They have all the time in the world
    • Don Sebastián is really right
    • Ay, let me sing like a gitana!
    • Ay, aren't you ladies going?
    • Don't talk about politics
    • Oh, these girls
    • Listen, how pretty
    • Lovely Susana!
    • Come on, let's have some more music!
    • Before we visit the Verbena
    • Preludio
    • Duo: Don Hilarion y Don Sebastian (Hilarion, Sebastian)
    • Cancion de Julian (Julian, La Sena Rita)
    • Seguidillas: Virgen de la Paloma (Hilarion)
    • Soleares (La Cantadora)
    • Nocturno (Hilarion, Sebastian)
    • Mazurka con organillo
    • Finale (Juilan, La Sena Rita, Sebastian, Hilarion)
    • Coplas de Don Hilarión
    • Habanera concertante
    • Prélude
    • Parlato et scène
    • Chanson de Julian
    • Séguidilles
    • Couplets de Don Hilarión
    • Soledad
    • Nocturne
    • Scène des Gigolettes et de Don Hilarión
    • Mazurka
    • Duo et scène
    • Quintette
    • Habanera concertante
    • Preludio

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