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Dmitry Stepanovich Bortnyansky Composer

Alcide, opera

Performances: 3
Tracks: 16
  • Alcide, opera
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Allegro spiritoso
    • Hymn to the Moon
    • About Pola and Virginia
    • Symphony: Allegro
    • Grace's Ball
    • Furias' Ball
    • 1.Sinfonia (Overture) Allegro velocissimo
    • 2.Alcide’s Recitative ‘Fronimo is abandoning me!’, Alcide’s Aria ‘Wise Gods’
    • 3.Alcide’s Recitative ‘The soul has freed itself from doubt’ Larghetto, Alcide’s Recitative ‘Before my eyes’ Allegretto
    • 4.Recitative. Arethea and Alcide ‘I am ready to follow your footsteps’, Alcide’s Aria ‘You will see that valor has no fear…’ Allegro spiritoso
    • 5.Recitative. Alcide ‘What shall I do? I am in doubt’ Moderato. Allegro, Alcide’s Aria ‘Beautiful goddess’ Andantino maestoso
    • 6.Recitative. Fronimo and Alcide ‘Do act at last!’, Fronimo’s Aria ‘How fast the river waves pass by…’ Allegro spiritoso, Recitative. Alcide ‘Come on, its time to fulfill the predestination!’
    • 7.Recitative. Alcide ‘What is it? How sudden is the horror of the infernal night!’, Chorus and Alcide ‘May it blow with horror everywhere!’ Allegro ardito, Recitative. Alcide ‘No, don’t you hope that I will perish!’ Moderato. Allegro. Dance of the furies. Allegro assai
    • 8.Chorus ‘Go, Alcide!’ Andante vivace
    • 9.Recitative. Edonida and Alcide ‘You dare to appear hear?’, Edonida’s Aria ‘I’ll decorate your brow with laurels!’ Andantino affettuoso
    • 10.Recitative. Alcide and Arethea ‘I like her…’, Chorus ‘Joy is being born!’

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