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Hilding Rosenberg Composer

Orpheus in Town, ballet

Performances: 1
Tracks: 27
  • Orpheus in Town, ballet
    Genre: Ballet
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • Tableau I: Prelude
    • Tableau I: Dance
    • Tableau I: Scene 2: Orpheus' Awakening
    • Tableau I: Scene 2: One Of The Statues, Solo Dance
    • Tableau I: Scene 2: The Statues Console Orpheus
    • Tableau I: Scene 3: The Concert Audience Comes Out
    • Tableau I: Scene 3: Tarantella: Dance Of Concert Audience
    • Tableau I: Scene 3: Intermezzo I
    • Tableau II: Scene 1: På Kärleksudden
    • Tableau II: Scene 2: Fredrika Bremerstatyn
    • Tableau II: Scene 3: Framför Nationalmuseum
    • Tableau II: Scene 3: Amor And Psyche (Dances Out From The Museum)
    • Tableau II: Scene 3: Scherzo
    • Tableau II: Scene 3: Nocturne
    • Tableau II: Scene 3: Intermezzo II
    • Tableau III: Scene From Orpheus By Gluck
    • Tableau III: Orpheus Statue Rushes On To The Stage. (He Persuades Eurydice To Follow Him. They Fle
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Rhythm Of The Time
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: The Bartender's Dance
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Dance Of The Girl
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Dance Of The Negress
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Trio: Bartender, Girl And Negress
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Tango: Orpheus And The Lady
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: The Lady's Admirer, A Stout Gentleman, Enters Abruptly
    • Tableau III: Scene 2: Intermezzo III
    • Tabeau IV: Same Scene As In The First Tableau. Morning.
    • Tabeau IV: Finale: Folk-Scene In The Market Place

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