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George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel Composer

Hercules, HWV60

Performances: 21
Tracks: 214
  • Hercules, HWV60
    Year: 1744
    Genre: Oratorio
    Pr. Instruments: Voice & Chorus/Choir
    • Act 1
      • 1. Overtura
      • 2. Menuetto
      • 3.Sc.1, Recitativo accompagnato: See, with what sad dejection in her looks
      • 4.Sc.1, Aria: No longer, Fate, relentless frown
      • 5.Sc.1, Recitativo accompagnato: O Hercules! why art thou absent from me?
      • 6.Sc.1, Aria: The world, when day's career is run
      • 7.Sc.1, Recitativo: Princess! be comforted, and hope the best
      • 8.Sc.2, Aria: I feel, I feel the god, he swells my breast!
      • 9.Sc.2, Recitativo: He said, the sacred fury left his breast
      • 10.Sc.2, Aria: There in myrtle shades reclined
      • 11.Sc.2, Recitativo: Despair not; but let rising hope suspend
      • 12.Sc.2, Aria: Where congealed the northern streams
      • 13.Sc.2, Chorus: O filial piety! O gen'rous love!
      • 14.Sc.3, Recitativo: Banish your fears!
      • 15.Sc.3, Aria: Begone, my fears, fly, hence, away!
      • 16.Sc.3, Recitativo: A train of captives, red with honest wounds
      • 17.Sc.3, Aria: The smiling hours, a joyful train
      • 18.Sc.3, Chorus: Let none despair, relief may come though late
      • 19.Sc.5: March
      • 20.Sc.5, Recitativo: Thanks to the pow'rs above, but chief to thee
      • 21.Sc.5, Aria: My father! Ah! methinks I see
      • 22.Sc.6, Recitativo: Now farewell, arms!
      • 23.Sc.6, Aria: The god of battle quits the bloody field
      • 24.Sc.6, Recitativo: Ah me! How soon the flatterer hopes
      • 25.Sc.6, Aria: Daughter of gods, bright liberty!
      • 26.Sc.6, Chorus: Crown with festal pomp the day
    • Act 2
      • 1.Sc.1: Sinfonia
      • 2.Sc.1, Recitativo: Why was I born a princess
      • 3.Sc.1, Aria: How blest the maid, ordained to dwell
      • 4.Sc.2, Recitativo: It must be so! Fame speaks aloud my wrongs
      • 5.Sc.2, Aria: When beauty sorrow's liv'ry wears
      • 6.Sc.2, Recitativo: Whence this unjust suspicion?
      • 7.Sc.2, Aria: Ah! think what ills the jealous prove
      • 8.Sc.2, Recitativo: It is too sure that Hercules is false
      • 9.Sc.3, Recitativo: In vain you strive his falsehood to disguise!
      • 10.Sc.3, Chorus: Jealousy! Infernal pest
      • 11.Sc.4, Recitativo: She knows my passion, and has heard me breathe
      • 12.Sc.4, Aria: Banish love from thy breast
      • 13.Sc.4, Recitativo: Forgive a passion, which resistless sways
      • 14.Sc.4, Aria: From celestial seats descending
      • 15.Sc.4, Chorus: Wanton god of amorous fires
      • 16.Sc.5, Recitativo: Yes, I congratulate your titles
      • 17.Sc.5, Aria: Alcides' name in latest story
      • 18.Sc.5, Recitativo: O glorious pattern of heroic deeds!
      • 19.Sc.5, Aria: Resign thy club and lion's spoils
      • 20.Sc.5, Recitativo: You are deceived! Some villain has belied; 21.Sc.6,Dissembling, false, perfidious Hercules!
      • 23.Sc.6, Aria: Cease, ruler of the day, to rise
      • 24.Sc.6, Recitativo: Some kinder pow'r inspire me; 25.Sc.7, Recitativo: Lichas, thy hands shall to the temple bear
      • 26.Sc.7, Aria: As stars, that rise and disappear
      • 27.Sc.7, Recitativo: But see, the princess Iole, Retire! 28.Sc.8, Recitativo: Forgive me, princess if my jealous frenzy
      • 28.Sc.8, Duet: Joys of freedom, joys of pow'r
      • 29.Sc.8, Recitativo: Father of Hercules, great Jove
      • 30.Sc.8, Chorus: Love and Hymen, hand in hand
    • Act 3
      • 31.Sinfonia
      • 32.Sc.1, Recitativo: Ye sons of Trachin, mourn your valiant chief
      • 33.Sc.1, Aria: Oh scene of unexampled woe
      • 34.Sc.1, Chorus: Tyrants now no more shall dread
      • 35.Sc.2, Recitativo accompagnato: O Jove! what land is this
      • 36.Sc.2, Recitativo: Great Jove! relieve his pains!
      • 37.Sc.2, Aria: Let not fame the tidings spread
      • 38.Sc.3, Recitativo accompagnato: Where shall I fly?
      • 39.Sc.4, Recitativo: Lo! the fair, fatal cause of all this ruin!
      • 40.Sc.4, Aria: My breast with tender pity swells
      • 41.Sc.5, Recitativo: Princess, rejoice! whose heav'n-directed hand
      • 42.Sc.5, Aria: He, who for Atlas prop'd the sky
      • 43.Sc.5, Recitativo: Words are too faint to speak the warring passions
      • 44.Sc.5, Duet: O prince, whose virtues all admire
      • 45.Sc.5, Recitativo: Ye sons of freedom, now, in ev'ry clime
      • 46.Sc.5, Chorus: To him your grateful notes of praise belong

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