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Robert Saxton Composer

The Wandering Jew, opera

Performances: 1
Tracks: 23
  • The Wandering Jew, opera
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Opera
    • Scene 1, Part I: After nearly two thousand years of wandering, here (Wandering Jew, Chorus of Prisoners, Guard)
    • Scene 1, Part II: Sixty thousand soldiers (3 Roman Soldiers, Crowd, Rebels, Wandering Jew)
    • Scene 1: Interlude
    • Scene 2: Wind-blown, the night sand is cold (Wandering Jew, Angels of Conscience)
    • Scene 2: Interlude
    • Scene 3, Part I: Centuries of wandering made me lose all sense of passing Time (Wandering Jew, Cantor, Congregants, Old Man)
    • Scene 3, Part II: Mama, may we hear a tale? (Child 1, Child 2, Widowed Mother)
    • Scene 3, Part III: They're asleep (Wandering Jew, Mother)
    • Scene 3: Interlude
    • Scene 4: I know what this waiter will say (Wandering Jew, Walter, Faust, Mephistopheles)
    • Scene 4: Interlude
    • Scene 5, Part I: What is this place, so wild, so cold? (Kundry, Faust, Odin)
    • Scene 5, Part II: This mortal God (Odin, Faust, Kundry, Wandering Jew)
    • Scene 5: Interlude
    • Scene 6, Part I: By canals, in streets overflowing with life (Revellers, Wandering Jew)
    • Scene 6, Part II: Venice's Carnival … the human need for song, dance, food, drink, companionship (Wandering Jew, Chorus, Beggar)
    • Scene 6, Part III: I've seen centuries of dancers (Wandering Jew, Fortune-Teller)
    • Scene 6, Part IV: For some time I wandered amongst the crowds of swirling (Wandering Jew, Revellers)
    • Scene 6, Part V: Roll up, roll up … (Showman, Crowd, Wandering Jew)
    • Scene 6: Interlude
    • Scene 7: Having had a narrow escape from the angry (Wandering Jew, Beggar, Jesus, Chorus of Spirits)
    • Scene 7: Interlude
    • Scene 8: Daybreak, the sand grows warm (Wandering Jew, Angels of Conscience)

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