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Mily Balakirev

Mily Balakirev Composer

30 Russian Folksongs, song transcriptions for piano 4-hands

Performances: 2
Tracks: 37
  • 30 Russian Folksongs, song transcriptions for piano 4-hands
    Year: 1898
    Genre: Other Keyboard
    Pr. Instrument: Piano 4-Hands
    • 1.Dukhovnaya, 'Dormition of the Mother of God'
    • 2.Dukhovnaya, 'Egoriy the Brave'
    • 3.Dukhovnaya, 'Lazar'
    • 4.Dukhovnaya, 'The Last Judgement'
    • 5.Dukhovnaya, 'The Book of the Dove'
    • 6.Bylina, 'The King's Sons from Kraków'
    • 7.Bylina, 'Kostruck'
    • 8.Bylina, 'Mikita Romanovich'
    • 9.Bylina, 'Grisha Otrepyev'
    • 10.Bylina, 'Vasiliy Okulyevic'
    • 11.Bylina, 'The Razvoinik Brothers and their Sister'
    • 12.Bylina, 'Birds and Animals'
    • 13.Wedding song, 'They said: Fedot-ot doesn't drink beer...'
    • 14.Wedding song, 'There were no winds...'
    • 15.Wedding song, 'Are you, my river, little river...'
    • 16.Wedding song, 'Oh, drinking berry...'
    • 17.Wedding song, 'Many, many by a damp oak tree...'
    • 18.Wedding song, 'Mummy wasn't hoping'
    • 19.Wedding song, 'My girlfriends, dear girlfriends...'
    • 20.Wedding song, 'Oh you geese, you geese...'
    • 21.Wedding song, 'Grape-harvest'
    • 22.Wedding song, 'There is a tree on a hill'
    • 23.Khorovodnaya, 'I went into the garden'
    • 24.Khorovodnaya, 'Our wide street'
    • 25.Khorovodnaya, 'Utushnaya'
    • 26.Protyazhnaya, 'Rowanberry and Raspberry'
    • 27.Protyazhnaya, 'What a heart'
    • 28.Protyazhnaya, 'It's enough for you, my dear, to walk in the field'
    • 29.Protyazhnaya, 'Oh you, winter'
    • 30.Protyazhnaya, 'She became, she became a colonel's wife'

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