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Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky Composer

Petrushka (1911 version)

Performances: 34
Tracks: 246
  • Petrushka (1911 version)
    Year: 1911
    Genre: Ballet
    Pr. Instrument: Orchestra
    • Tableau 1: The Shrovetide Fair
      • 1.The Shrovetide Fair
      • 2.The Crowds
      • 3.The Charlatan's Booth
      • 4.Russian Dance
    • Tableau 2: Petrushka's Room (Chez Pétrouchka)
    • Tableau 3: The Moor's Room
      • 1.In the Moor's room
      • 2.Dance of the Ballerina
      • 3.Waltz of the Ballerina and the Moor
    • Tableau 4:The Shrovetide Fair (Evening)
      • 1.The Shrovetide Fair (Evening)
      • 2.Dance of the Wet Nurses
      • 3.Dance of the Bear and Peasant
      • 4.Dance of the Jovial Merchant with Two Gypsy Girls
      • 5.Dance of the Coachmen and Grooms
      • 6.Dance of the Masqueraders
      • 7.The Death of Petrushka

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