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Sir Arthur Sullivan

Sir Arthur Sullivan Composer

Haddon Hall (operetta)

Performances: 1
Tracks: 40
  • Haddon Hall (operetta)
    Year: 1892
    Genre: Opera
    Pr. Instrument: Voice
    • Act 1
      • 1.Introduction
      • 2.Chorus: Today it is a festal time
      • 3.Song with Chorus: T'was a dear little dormouse
      • 4.Chorus with Solos: Hail to the lord of haddon
      • 5.Madrigal: When the budding blooms of May
      • 6.Trio: Nay father dear
      • 7.Duet: Mother dearest mother
      • 8.Song with Chorus: Ribbons to sell
      • 9.Duet: The sun's in the sky
      • 10.Recitative: My mistress comes
      • 11.Trio: Oh tell me what is a maid to say
      • 12.Recitative and Song: Red of the rosebud
      • 13.Down with Princes: Entrance of puritans
      • 14.Song: I've heard it said
      • 15.Finale: The bonny bridegroom cometh
      • 16.Finale, Song: When I was but a little lad
      • 17.Finale, Scene: Hail, cousin Rupert
      • 18.Finale, Solo: When yestereve I went to pray
      • 19.Finale: Father, forgive!
    • Act 2
      • 1.Introduction and Chorus of Puritans: Hoarsely the wind is blowing
      • 2.Song: My name it is McCrankie
      • 3.Duet: There's no-one by
      • 4.Trio: Hoity-toity
      • 5.Quartet: The west wind howls
      • 6.Storm
      • 7.Recitative and Song: In days of Old
      • 8.Scene: Eloped! Eloped!
      • 9.Duet and Chorus: We were sheltering all
      • 10.Scene: In vain they will blunder
    • Act 3
      • 1.Opening Chorus: Our heads we bow
      • 2.Song: Queen of the garden
      • 3.Recitative: Alone, Alone
      • 4.Duet: Bride of my Youth
      • 5.Scene and Chorus: In Frill and Feather
      • 6.Ensemble: Good General Monk
      • 7.Song, Chorus, and Dance: We have thought the matter out
      • 8.Song and Scotch Dance: Hech Mon
      • 9.Finale: Hark the Cannon

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