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Introduction to the Classical Archives

Welcome to Classical Archives™ - a music website dedicated to, and designed especially for, a vital but often neglected audience - lovers of classical music. We are bringing together content from the finest classical music labels and join it with the highest musicology standards, providing those knowledgeable about classical music with a more complete experience. For those new to classical music, we have created advanced navigation, search and content presentation. We are establishing a new standard for music services on the internet.

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We provide:

  • State-of-the-art Musicology – the best and most accurate data available in well-designed composer, artist, work, and album pages
  • Superb Content from the top Classical Labels and Artists – Hundreds of thousands of tracks, works and albums from major and independent labels - most in DRM-free MP3 formats
  • Participating Labels include DG, Decca, Philips, EMI, Virgin, Sony, Columbia, BMG, RCA, and dozens of independents
  • Ease of Use – rich and intuitive search, navigation, and One-Click Play capabilities
  • Rich Supporting Materials – enriching and entertaining bios, reviews, forums, etc.

The music service we offer through our attractively priced program will allow you to

  • get full, interactive on demand access to hundreds of thousand classical tracks and albums to listen to any time, as often as you like
  • get a 10% discount on all permanent download purchases, which are yours to keep for life: we sell (not rent) tracks and albums!
  • get a free 14 day trial to try our music service entirely risk-free.

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Like any new and ambitious endeavor, we need your help. That is why you will find at the bottom-left of most of our pages a link labeled “Contact us.”. Please use this to report any error you find on our site. Your feedback is crucial to our mission. Since the launch of the original Classical Archives in 1994, we have often been impressed by the expertise demonstrated by our audience and their willingness to share it. So please continue to guide us and share your wonderful knowledge with us. We want to get it right. The music deserves it and so do you.

Pierre R. Schwob

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